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22 October 2012 | 0

Despite the fact that up to 80% of adults have used a personal device for work related functions, according to an ESET report from earlier this year, the Bring Your Own (BYO) phenomenon is not as straight forward as it might first appear.

While many argue that it is empowering users to do and achieve more, the control and privacy issues that arise are not easily dealt with.

Mobile device management (MDM) system have made great strides of late, but some restrictions have to be made as regards device type, operating system, data access and protection.

According to a Forrester report from this year, there are five major parameters that can build a scope for each organisation’s BYO implementation. Telecommuting versus office based work, privileged information access, regulatory requirements, legacy dependencies, user technical savvy and travel and mobility each has a spectrum from one extreme to another. However, according to Jack Santos, a Gartner analyst, mobile technologies need to be at the heart of IT architectures in the future, not at the edge.

So where do Irish organisations sit within this sweeping trend that is now overtaking cloud computing as the major headache or opportunity for the CIO?

ComputerScope, in association with O2, want your insights and experience to build a picture of the BYO phenomenon in the Irish market, to establish whether the benefits are recognised here and if organisations are realising them.

With the opportunity to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab II and a Galaxy SIII smart phone for one respondent, the results will be presented in a feature in the November issue providing you with the specifics necessary to make an informed decision on BYO for your organisation.


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