Ward Solutions invests €300,000 in GDPR consultancy service

Pat Larkin and Paul Hogan, Ward Solutions



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10 August 2017 | 0

Ward Solutions has invested €300,000 to launch a new GDPR consultancy service. A dedicated team of 15 consultants have been employed to deliver the service, which the company forecasts will generate €500,000 in revenue in the first 12 months.

From 25 May 2018 companies that processes personal data will be required to comply with GDPR, awill face fines of up to €20 million or 4% of global turnover, depending on which is greater.

Ward’s consultants have attained GDPR-specific certifications such as the Certified Data Protection Practitioner from ICS Skills, the EU General Data Protection Regulation Certificate from the International Board for IT Governance, and the Certificate in Data Protection Practice from the Law Society of Ireland.

In addition, Ward’s data protection officer as-a-service will provide organisations with access to an information security privacy specialist who will provide expert knowledge of GDPR and data privacy best practice, and oversee the implementation of GDPR throughout the organisation.

Paul Hogan, chief technology officer, Ward Solutions, said: “This new GDPR consultancy service from Ward Solutions will enable Irish companies to identify what personal data they are processing, where it is located and what their legal justifications for processing are. This will allow organisations to establish whether or not the manner in which they process personal data is compliant with GDPR. Ward can also deliver a data protection programme to address any shortcomings, and put the necessary governance and accountability structures in place to enable organisations to achieve and demonstrate compliance.

“We’re looking forward to helping organisations throughout the country to achieve GDPR compliance. Our holistic and consolidated approach will make it possible to identify, design and implement a privacy protection programme that is in-line with an organisation’s unique needs, budget and in-house capabilities.”

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