Vodafone One Net


18 May 2012

Vodafone One Net is a service aimed at small to medium sized businesses that merges the flexibility of mobile and the benefits of fixed line into one scalable phone system.

One Net allows the use of a landline number on a mobile, with a range of call management features, such as creating hunt groups where a call gets routed to multiple people, single voicemail and an automated attendant (also known as an IVR). It allows every call to ring on either a desk phone or mobile phone depending on where the customer wants to answer the call. The call can then be transferred to any other desk phone or mobile phone within the business without charge.

According to Vodafone, a key challenge for 80% of Irish small to medium enterprises is improving relationships with customers. One Net is designed, says Vodafone, to allow businesses to be even more responsive to increase customer satisfaction and be more accessible to nurture new business connections, says Vodafone. The service has over a million subscribers in other markets.




"Businesses are working differently and their customers are the catalyst, demanding better service at all times," said Anne O’Leary, business and enterprise director, Vodafone Ireland. "Intense competition means businesses need to be different from competitors through service and not just price and One Net provides the edge. Small businesses can now improve their mobility and get the benefits of a hosted phone system that integrates both mobiles and desk phones."

The One Net service includes free local, national and Vodafone mobile to mobile calls, unlimited internal calls across desk phones and mobile devices and no call forwarding costs between their users. The service is hosted on the Vodafone mobile network, with no installation or traditional phone system maintenance costs.

www.vodafone.ie/one-net * 1800 88 26 99

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