Debbie Power, Vodafone

Vodafone IoT connections grow 35% year-on-year

The company has seen significant growth in IoT, as agriculture, health and transportation lead the charge
Debbie Power, Vodafone

23 April 2019

Vodafone has seen their global connections for Internet of Things (IoT) technology grow 35%.

The company is seeing steady growth in IoT across all sectors and it is only anticipated to rise. By 2027, 5.4 billion IoT connections are predicted worldwide.

Debbie Power, IoT country manager at Vodafone Ireland says “Adoption of IoT technologies has grown significantly in the last year in Ireland. Organisations are now using IoT technology to create completely new services and transform their businesses. We are seeing adoption across a number of sectors, but some are consuming more readily than others. The most active industries include utilities (electricity, water, gas & telecoms), automotive, agriculture, logistics and healthcare”.




Vodafone recently published an IoT barometer, with over 1,750 respondents, finding the cause of this growth being ease of adoption. Organisations can easily buy cost-effective, off-the-shelf IoT solutions which can be brought to life with reliable, secure, connectivity.

Respondents see IoT technology as having a profound impact across many sectors. 86% of those surveyed in the automotive industry are either using or plan to use IoT for product differentiation and revenue boost. While 84% of insurance adopters have changed their business strategy due to IoT, 60% of adopters predict IoT will have disrupted their industry completely within five years.

Power says: “Ireland is very much at the forefront of innovation. As a small country, we are on the cusp of a digital revolution that will reimagine how we live and do business – IoT and the connectivity to enable it will play a key role in that transformation.”

Fast becoming a mainstay of daily life in Ireland, IoT technology can be found in vehicle telemetry, connected ambulances, CCTV connectivity, GPS tracking, streetlight management and more.

In the healthcare sector, Vodafone IoT enables remote monitoring for those with chronic conditions, removes their need to travel and improves lives for those living in rural areas.

The company cites agriculture as the sector with the greatest growth potential. IoT solutions could facilitate higher, top-quality yields, and to both increase productivity and lower costs.  

One example of this is field sensors, always on IoT devices with long battery life. Connecting these by low power NB-IoT technology, they consider crop conditions, temperature and weather, then regulate how each crop or field is watered.

In the agriculture sector, Alltech and Treemetrics are two Irish
companies using IoT for connecting with customers and growing their business.

Vodafone provides IoT connectivity to Alltech’s Carlow-based mixer wagon manufacturing division, Keenan. Utilising the technology to connect farmers globally to their nutrition service InTouch and drawing insights from IoT connected machine controllers, feed management software and other data on farm. InTouch nutritionists can work with farmers around the world to improve feeding accuracy, consistency and herd productivity.

Farms who use InTouch have seen increased efficiency in feed conversion and profitability, mainly through increased herd output and superior management of feed inputs.

Also using Vodafone’s global IoT connectivity is Cork based software development company Treemetrics, whose online platform Forest HQ facilitates planning and analysis of forest resources in over 16 countries.

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