Vodafone introduces application-as-a-service platform

Business Invent encourages firms to create IoT applications

24 June 2019

Vodafone Ireland is set to enter into the application-as-a-service (AaaS) market with the introduction of new app development platform, Vodafone Business Invent.

As Vodafone’s first end-to-end IoT solution for businesses, the offering brings together connectivity, app development, data insights, devices and fully managed service.

Each business has specific needs. Vodafone will work with businesses and design a tailormade solution, addressing its requirements.




With AaaS, businesses can build secure, reliable and relevant IoT solutions. Users can enjoy myriad benefits including improved productivity, reduced costs and enhanced customer experience, without the support of an in-house IoT specialist.

According to an announcement released by Vodafone, Ireland will benefit from the easy access to smart technologies that this platform and others like it will bring.

It gives developers access to well-tested and developed capabilities including alerting, monitoring, dash boarding and device modelling. Easy access to these tools reduces both development time and costs.

Now, businesses can quickly create smart solutions without the need to hire specialised development teams.

Vodafone Business Invent is fully integrated within Vodafone’s existing IoT managed connectivity platform, providing the speed and flexibility of a global IoT SIM, with industry-recognised security.

Debbie Power, IoT country manager at Vodafone Ireland, said: “Vodafone is the global leader in providing IoT connectivity. The introduction of Invent extends our portfolio and will help democratise the IoT landscape… This is a huge step forward in terms of business connectivity and represents a wider drive from Vodafone to remove the barriers to digitalisation and give businesses access to the latest technology.

“We are already in talks with customers in healthcare, utilities and asset tracking about using the platform and there is much anticipation about its capabilities.”

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