VMware strengthens DC and edge with VMware Cloud on Dell EMC

New cloud service delivers public cloud simplicity, agility and economics with security, control and performance of on-premises infrastructure
VMware Cloud on Dell EMC (Image VMware)

10 May 2019

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is a simple, secure and scalable infrastructure delivered as-a-service to users’ on-premises data centre and edge locations.

The service features VMware’s high-performance compute, storage and networking software powered by VMware vSphere, vSAN and NSX running on Dell EMC VxRail hyperconverged infrastructure, and will be fully managed by VMware, enabling users to focus on other tasks, such as business innovation and differentiation.

VMware said the VMware Cloud on Dell EMC service “will be core to the Dell Technologies Cloud Data Centre-as-a-Service solution,” which was unveiled at Dell Technologies World 2019.




VMware is investing in “solutions that address today’s multi-cloud environments as well as advancing hybrid cloud operations from the data centre to the cloud to the edge.”

According to the vendor, modern enterprises rely on hybrid cloud to help accelerate the delivery of innovative services to the business and to ultimately deliver new customer experiences. VMware said it is investing in “solutions that address today’s multi-cloud environments as well as advancing hybrid cloud operations from the data centre to the cloud to the edge.”

“VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, a cloud service, will combine public cloud simplicity, agility and economics with the security, control and performance of on-premises infrastructure. This unique approach will simplify the customer experience enabling them to quickly consume the service with maximum agility and efficiency” said VMware.

“Whether they’re running infrastructure on-premises or in the cloud, organisations value a cloud operating model,” said Mark Lohmeyer, senior vice president and general manager, Cloud Platform Business Unit, VMware. “VMware Cloud on Dell EMC will deliver that cloud experience to organisations that need to maintain data and applications on-premises—completely transforming how they acquire, deploy and manage infrastructure. The service will provide consistent infrastructure and operations across cloud, data centre and edge, freeing organisations to drive innovation and deliver business value while VMware operates the entire infrastructure end-to-end.”

Co-engineered and delivered by Dell Technologies, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC will consist of VMware’s compute, storage and networking infrastructure software tightly integrated with Dell EMC VxRail hyperconverged infrastructure delivered as a service. Built on VMware Project Dimension technology, which was unveiled at VMworld 2018 US, VMware says the new service will enable organisations to consume infrastructure in data centre and edge environments on-demand like a public cloud service via a hybrid cloud control plane. The control plane will provide administrators with visibility and management of all on- premises systems including monitoring the health of their racks, tracking the steps VMware engineers take to resolve service issues, and automatic patching and upgrading of systems end-to-end. The subscription-based service will offer cloud-like flexible consumption and payment options.

According to VMware, the new service will help organisations achieve benefits such as reduced operational complexity through dramatically simplify the end-to-end management of data centre and edge infrastructure, with one-click hardware ordering, initial deployment, automated patching and upgrades of software and hardware, monitoring and remediation as well as providing a global view of infrastructure across all on- premises locations.

Users will get consistent operations and infrastructure across cloud, data centre and edge, through the ability to offer consistent infrastructure, compute, storage and networking delivered as-a-service, and consistent operations, integrated and unified cloud management. This will, the vendor asserts, provide organisations with the highest level of flexibility for where workloads are deployed while extending proven models and established skills for operations, governance and security.

VMware says that operating the entire infrastructure end-to-end, IT organisations will be able to focus on delivering higher level value to the business, such as refreshing infrastructure in data centre and edge locations in support of traditional and modern applications. The service will further enable IT to offer developers increased freedom to build modern applications that drive the business forward without jeopardising the operational integrity of those applications or introducing complexity in how those applications are supported.

Security too will be enhanced, as it will be intrinsic to VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, with the micro-segmentation capabilities of VMware NSX providing enhanced security for traditional or modern applications while encryption capabilities will better secure data at-rest as well as data in-transit.

“As businesses accelerate their use of innovative services across the organisation,” said Richard Villars, research vice president, Datacentre and Cloud, IDC, “their IT teams must be able to quickly deploy and continuously update resources across shared datacentres as well as a growing range of dedicated cloud platforms in corporate datacentres and critical edge locations. With the introduction of VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, VMware is entering the fast emerging industry for on-premises infrastructure delivered as-a-service. It’s enabling CIOs and their IT teams to more effectively take advantage of new technologies and deployment models that allow for the optimal placement workloads while enabling easy access to the latest infrastructure and a consistent operational approach across all environments.”

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