Visions 2020

A perfect storm of megatrends has been brewing for some time in the world of ICT, that threatens to engulf the whole world.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented and virtual reality, robotics, specialised processors, the move from data centres to centres of data, blockchain, 5G, and quantum computing, could each, individually, have a tremendous impact, but combined, constitute an unprecedented effect.

When all of this is taken in the context of the drive for digital transformation amid the move towards a more digital economy, and the landscape for organisations has rarely been more fluid, or difficult to read.

Visions 2020 provides the platform for industry leaders and commentators to put forward their views for how ICT will fall in 2020, from varying perspectives, with personal insights.

Published for the first time exclusively on TechCentral, Visions 2020 will help Irish organisations steer through the uncertainty.

Submissions can be up to 500 words or max. 1,000 words, detailing respective experiences or insights into managing and taking advantage of digital change.

Visions 2020 Guidance:

The Visions series this year is seeking to capture the promise of digital transformation through the reality of today’s economic, social, political and security landscapes.

Comment is invited from all perspectives of enterprise ICT for Ireland and beyond.

Whether it is how existing trends will play out in the coming year, or a little more crystal ball gazing views, Visions 2020 is looking for all facets of how ICT will support Irish organisations in the coming year.

This forward looking piece will not only look for existing achievements at home and abroad, but also chart the coming changes of which Irish organisations will need to be aware.

Deadline for contribution 17 January 2020

Submit up to 500 word contribution

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Submit up to max. 1,000 words contribution

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