Visions 2019

Our Visions report will appear in the January issue of TechPro and you have the opportunity to take part.

The pressure on IT is increasing.

The pace of technological and digital change is relentless and accelerating.

Businesses everywhere are transforming according to different agendas, but a common theme throughout is the need for technology to support, enable and inspire.

While the demands have never been greater, so too the opportunities are almost limitless. Through insight and intelligence, the truly visionary can bring these apparently chaotic influences together to drive innovation.

TechPro’s Visions 2019 is looking for those insights and experiences of managing the maelstrom of accelerated change and transformation to achieve the digital future.

It is said the future is already here, just unevenly distributed. Visions 2019 aims to document those islands of the future to illustrate the digital opportunities for Irish organisations.

Submissions can be up to 500 words or max. 1,000 words, detailing respective experiences or insights into managing and taking advantage of digital change.

This forward looking piece will not only look for existing achievements at home and abroad, but also chart the coming changes of which Irish organisations will need to be aware.


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Submit up to max. 1,000 words contribution (Full page)

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* Published in Jan 2019 issue of TechPro
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