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21 June 2013 | 0

Mean Ok Cupid article
Gizmodo writer Alyssa Bereznak unleashed a wave of abuse on herself after dubbing a man she met at online dating website OKCupid ‘too nerdy’ for her.
The irony of a technology journalist criticising someone for geekery has not gone unnoticed by the interwebs, and this page gives a reasonable account of some of the more creative barbs Bereznak has had to endure. One especially caustic rebuke from Gizmodo’s Australian website pretty well sums up the level of disgust.

Toronto film maker Rob Spence is living the dream of many William Gibson fans by becoming the world’s first ‘eyeborg’.
Having lost an eye in a shooting accident six years previous, Spence has traded in his eye patch for a tiny video camera, transmitter and a video camera. While he can’t see out of it himself, Spence hopes to make use of the device in some manner of artistic project.

Pamela Cook: Australian X-Factor audition
Pamela Cook, a 30-year-old former school teacher recognised that "life is super short" and took her chance on the Australian X-Factor.
After revealing the story of her battle with breast cancer and her determination to continue with her pregnancy Cook launched into a rendition of Kelly Clarkson’s Because of You.
The rough edges of her singing lend a humanity to her performance that brought the audience to its feet. Ronan Keating was impressed enough to give a congratulatory hug. Four yesses, it was then.

"Sassy" jumper
A few years ago we had to cope with the sheer unbridled power of the ‘three wolf t-shirt’ and it’s many five-star endorsements on Amazon. Consider this something of an antithesis.
Criticism of this jumper, available at US clothes store JC Penny and aimed at girls from 7-16 years-of age, has the twittersphere in uproar.
Its controversial print reads: "Who has time for homework when there’s a new Justin Bieber album out? She’ll love this tee that’s just as cute and sassy as she is."
We have no further comment in the matter.




Hunger Games teaser
Critics of Stephanie Myers’ Twilight series have cited the weakness of it’s female protagonist (as opposited to ‘heroine’) as passive and a poor role model for young girls. This cannot be said of Katniss Everdeen, central character of Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games series. Due for release next year, the first instalment of the trilogy sees Katniss enter a popular winner-take-all reality TV death match for the amusement of an audience of slovenly sophisticates.
How the graphic violence of the books will translate to to the screen will be a challenge, and the male casting seems to be a bit too much out of the tween romance playbook. though the teaser doesn’t give much away, it has generated enough discussion to indicate this could be the first big hit of 2011.






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