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Verizon expands security portfolio to combat cybercrime

Three new security solutions designed to protect sensitive information announced
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10 March 2020

Verizon Business has expanded its security portfolio with several new offerings to better protect businesses against cybercrime.

Its new solutions include Verizon Managed Detection and Response, Verizon Identity and Verizon Machine State Integrity. Additionally, the company has enhanced its Rapid Response Retainer service, which offers companies cyber intelligence and incident response capabilities directly from the Verizon Threat Research Advisory Centre (VTRAC).

Verizon Managed Detection and Response is a cloud-based security solution that helps companies to identify and manage advanced cyber-attacks. The scalable solution, which leverages analytics and behaviour modelling, overlays Verizon’s core remote threat monitoring, detection and response capabilities with built-in multi-layer analytics and behaviour modelling from Securonix.




Verizon Identity (VID) and Verizon Machine State Integrity are the company’s first security solutions to leverage blockchain. Blockchain’s decentralised nature elevates enterprise security with no single point of weakness in the solution for cybercriminals to exploit.

VID integrates blockchain, multi-factor authentication and biometrics. Users can store their identity data in a secure ‘digital identity safe’ on their mobile devices and share it with those who need to access and validate it. VID encrypts identity data across multiple blockchain servers, meaning there is no single point of entry for breach attempts, which could potentially eliminate the need for passwords. It is fully compliant with all major industry regulations and standards including NIST SP 800-63-3, GDPR and FIDO2.

The Machine State Integrity solution sources operational data from decentralised machine environments that Verizon said will support critical infrastructure such as power grids, smart city networks or manufacturing plants. As a cyberattack against these targets can exploit a single weak point of entry and lead to a catastrophic infrastructure breakdown, it provides clear actionable insight on potential compliance and security issues within these environments for the organisations that operate them.

The Rapid Response Retainer, which puts the full capabilities and experience of the VTRAC team at a user’s disposal, can now be fully customised to a customer’s needs. The fundamentals of the service – threat intelligence summaries, 24/7 hotline, on-site support and investigative liaison – can now be supplemented with several options; Verizon Network Detection and Response, Dark Web Hunting, Tanium’s endpoint protection and Verizon’s backbone NetFlow. 

Alex Schlager, executive director and chief product officer of security services at Verizon Business, said: “Cybercrime is a daily threat to every organisation and government across the globe. Our 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report highlighted that financially motivated cyberattacks are increasing across the board, and that C-level executives are increasingly and proactively targeted by social breaches, linked to (for example) stolen credentials. Now, more than ever, organisations need to be thinking differently about security, and leveraging cutting edge technology to help mitigate against cybercrime. These Verizon solutions offer a significant step forward in cybersecurity protection.”

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