Velez CEO starts podcast with an eye on global recovery

Sean Price, Velez Managed Services
Sean Price

TPM show to bring together guests from tech, marketing



15 February 2021 | 0

In association with Velez

Sean Price chairman and CEO of Velez Managed Services – a global supplier of IT services – has launched a new podcast called the TPM show, which focuses on the very areas that will help shape a global recovery: technology, people and markets. 

An avid podcast listener and guest on many great podcasts over the years, Price launched his new podcast at the turn of the year with episodes now being released weekly and including CEOs, COOs and managing directors from around the globe. Whilst the occasional local business owner may make an appearance, with over a dozen episodes already recorded ready to release the emphasis here to allow us all to think and act more globally. 




“As we begin to come towards some degree of normality again, it is crucial that we not act in a way which is insular or be thinking small – for any of us – not only in business but employees too. We must together look ahead, further afield than our local communities for both inspiration but also a common mindset that will help us to rebuild our global economy yes, but also our lives”

Price employs staff in multiple countries and has seen a rise in hiring during the pandemic to accommodate growth in the business. The TPM podcast whilst a separate entity to the Velez business does include figures from within the same sector but also further afield. 

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