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29 September 2011 | 0

Users of Windows Phone devices will no doubt be eagerly awaiting the update that has been codenamed Mango, or Windows Phone 7.5, that promises to significantly improve and extend the functionality.

The disappointing thing is that while the update is available, certain carriers are not passing it on directly just yet. However, some bright spark has discovered that there is a way to force the update, as it were.

The process is simple but requires a little finesse! However, as with any technique that subverts the normal updating process, this for education and research purposes only and is not advised or endorsed by




Step 1: Plug your phone into your PC via the USB cable, having removed the SIM card and disabled Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Start the Zune software. The next step is best completed while the PC is connected to the Internet via an Ethernet cable, with Wi-Fi, and all other Internet connectivity, disabled.

Step 3: Click Settings, and Phone and then select Update from the Phone menu. As you click the update menu option, time how long it takes the update progress bar to complete and say that your phone is up to date, or you may find the update available. If it is, great, go ahead an update if not, a bit of jiggery-pokery is required.

Step 4: After you have timed how long it takes for the update request to complete, you can click on any other item in the same menu as the Update option (it really doesn’t matter which) and the click Update again, but as you do, let it search for the update for two seconds less than the request takes before unplugging you Ethernet. So, if the update search returns a result in 6 seconds, then you need to unplug your Ethernet connection after 4 seconds. This might take a few attempts to get the timing right, but it will work.

Step 5: Once the cable is unplugged, it will take about 30 seconds for the update available notification to come up. When it does, plug your Ethernet cable back in and begin your update.

Note: The Mango update is update number 7720. If you haven’t updated your phone for a while, the first update you may be presented with is 7392. You must do the updates in that order offered, so keep going until you have completed the 7392, 7403 and then the 7720 update itself.

Step 6: Enjoy Windows Phone 7.5!

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