UPC says 99% fibre subscriptions on speeds of 20Mb/s and over



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23 February 2012 | 0

UPC annouced positive results for 2011 today, revealing an increase of 100,800 subscriptions to its broadband, phone and digital television services in 2011, up 13% on the same period last year. This brings total subscriptions to 886,400.

Fibre broadband subscriptions rose to 255,400, a bump of 28%, but the biggest growth was in TV, which rose 1% year-on-year to 386,400. The company also claimed over 99% of customers are now on connections of 20Mb/s and higher and nearly 600,000 UPC households nationwide are now capable of 100Mb/s access.

Dana Strong, CEO of UPC Ireland (pictured), said: "Our strategy is to offer superb products and this is clearly resonating as we gained over 100,000 subscriptions to digital TV, broadband and phone in 2011. We’re delighted that we are meeting our customers’ expectations and they have rewarded us with their custom, which we are very pleased to acknowledge."




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