UHD Alliance wants to make 4K TV more than just a curiosity

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12 January 2015

4K televisions look great in demonstrations, but seeing as we currently live in a 1080p world, there isn’t yet much on TV that takes advantage of all those pixels. The UHD Alliance seeks to change that.

As reported by The Verge, the UHD Alliance is a working group made up of some of the biggest HDTV manufacturers and content producers. It currently consists of Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, and Sharp, along with companies like Netflix, DirecTV, Disney, and Fox, to name a few.

The idea here is for the biggest names in television to address issues surrounding 4K TV by “set[ting] standards for 4K content, terminology, and delivery,” according to The Verge.

Typical HDTV tops out at 1920×1080-pixel resolution, but 4K refers to a screen or video with a resolution that measures roughly 4000×2000 pixels.

There are actually two video resolutions referred to as 4K – the Ultra High Definition standard (3840×2160 pixels) and a second 4K standard that measures 4096×2160 pixels.

Of course there isn’t much that supports 4K TV yet. But having a number of industry giants come together in the name of 4K should help settle any confusion that may exist and start a concerted push to make 4K TV and content as widespread in the not-too-distant future as 1080p is today.

There’s still plenty of work to do, but the UHD Alliance looks to be a good place to start.


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