Twitter looks to expand advertising efforts

Image: Twitter

12 January 2015

So far, Twitter’s advertising team has concentrated on sponsored tweets and variants thereof that appear on and the company’s mobile apps. But as the Wall Street Journal reports, the social network is looking at a new place to put its ads: other websites.

The Journal says Twitter plans to “sell ads within streams of tweets on other publishers’ apps and websites.” The idea, according to The Journal, is to “make money from the millions of people who see tweets all over the Web but don’t actually use Twitter.”

Twitter, which announced its plans during a presentation this past week at CES, would share a portion of the revenue generated from the ads with the participating sites, according to the report.

The social network has made a big advertising push over the past year or so: Back in April, Twitter hinted that it would roll out 15 new kinds of ads over six months. And just last week, the world learned a bit more about Twitter’s plans for video ads. However, those were all extensions of the existing Twitter Cards system.

This new initiative, therefore, would seem to represent a shift in strategy for Twitter, since it’s the first time the company has published ads outside its own site or products. It’ll be interesting to see how Internet users take to Twitter’s new approach.


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