HP Deskjet 3720

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HP Deskjet 3720

7 June 2016


Giroptic 360cam

Giroptic-360cam-1The new Giroptic 360cam takes a novel approach to 360-degree video. It can produce a single photo or video at the press of a button using three 185-degree fish-eye lenses to capture footage at 2K resolution up to 30fps or 4K still images. The 360cam gyroscope and accelerometer provide image stabilisation for recording video, time-lapse, photo burst, or live broadcast, while three microphones capture sound. All images are stitched inside the camera in real time – no need for post-production or stitching software.

Made of magnesium alloy and rubber moulded into a unique pear shape, the unit is built in two parts to facilitate modular attachments: A rubber cover firmly seals the body for underwater excursions up to 30 feet for 30 minutes. Once turned on, an invisible LED screen appears through the camera body conveying a digital readout.

The Giroptic 360cam app for iOS devices allows users to remotely control the camera over WiFi, as well as view, edit, and share photos and videos via social networks.

Price: $499


HP DeskJet 3720

HP’s latest entry in the DeskJet line has been designed for users wouldn’t normally be looking to print material in bulk and so don’t want a large device taking up precious shelf HP Deskjet 3720space at home.

An all-in-one remote mobile application lets users print from iOS, Android and Windows devices without having to connect to a PC.

You can also print, share and design custom photos from Facebook, Instagram and Flickr or directly from a phone’s camera roll. A handy bot can add printers, print from the printer’s history, and order replacement supplies.

Price: €69.99



ViLifebeam smashed its Kickstarter target with Vi, a fitness tracker that integrates with personal trainer apps and uses artificial intelligence to deliver updates of your progress and keep you motivated.

Vi uses biosensing headphones developed with Harmon/Kardon to gather information about your workout progress and becomes smarter by the day as it gets used to your personal routine.

It uses the information collected by Google Fit and Apple’s HealthKit so it has a comprehensive base of historical information to work with. Even better, while it can deliver instructions it has Spotify and Apple Music integration so you don’t have to sacrifice your gym playlist.

Price: tbc


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