Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8

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Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8

19 January 2016


Goodspeed MF900
Godspeed MF900The Goodspeed MF900 is a global 4G mobile hotspot that promises to free you from international data roaming charges. Just buy a local SIM card, insert it into one of the 10 bays on the unit and it will automatically figure out where you and connect to the appropriate network.
The device works with LTE FDD, LTE TDD, UMTS, EDGE and GSM, at speeds of 150Mb/s download and 50Mb/s upload for up to 12 hours (or seven days in standby mode). You can purchase local SIM’s or you can order country SIM cards from Goodspeed via a Goodspeed account. These will be sent to the users address, ready to be inserted into the device and will connect once they arrive in the country.
With the Digital Single Market on the way this may not be of huge use to frequent fliers within the EU, but it’s a handy number for anyone travelling further afield.
Available in July.
Price: €239 (+data charges)


YOGA Tab 3 8_05 reduced sizeLenovo Yoga Tab 3 8
Lenovo’s 8″ Yoga Tab 3 impressed us with its solid build quality, adjustable stand and rotatable camera. Under the hood it runs Android 5.0, 1Gb DDR3 RAM, Bluetooth 4.0 and 16Gb of storage expandable to 128Gb by micro-SD and Dolby Atmos sound for gaming of video use. It also has 4G support and battery life of up to 20 hours, depending on what you get up to with it.
As well as the kickstand we like the curved battery cylinder that makes the tablet easier to hold, giving it a ‘bookish’ feel.
Price: €199


A success on Kickstarter, Codrone is a programmable drone that you can set to do anything from follow you around to battle with other drones. We also like the way you can switch the rotors out in favour of wheels – reminding us of the classic 1991 scrolling shoot ’em up Swiv.
Also a plus, you can opt to buy one model alone or a pack of two with a slight discount. Pricing was accurate at time of campaign, your price may vary.
Price: $179


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