Lenovo ThinkPad P70

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Lenovo ThinkPad P70

11 August 2015


Lenovo ThnkPad P70

At 3.4kg, Lenovo’s 17″ ThinkPad P70 isn’t massive by the standards set by other graphics workstations but its specs will make its predecessors green with envy, starting with the quad-core Intel Skylake Xeon chip and an Nvidia Quadro GPU too.
Lenovo also uses Intel’s new Alpine Ridge controller that supports the fastest Thunderbolt 3 spec and full-speed (10Gb/s) USB 3.1 across Lenovo ThinkPad P70USB-C ports.
Lenovo says the P70 will support up to four storage devices and up to 1Tb of SSD storage. That’s one M.2 slot and two SATA trays, along with the option to remove the optical drive and install a drive caddy for a fourth drive. Even better, the storage options now support booting to PCIe-based M.2 devices, which Lenovo claims is up to five times the performance of an M.2 SATA or standard SATA-based device.
The Skylake chip supports DDR4, but there’s also the capability to run DDR3L. Lenovo skips the older memory standard in favour of DDR4, which lets the P70 run up to 64Gb in four SO-DIMM slots.
Another new piece of hardware on the P70 includes a new fingerprint reader that you press rather than swipe.
Other features include Pantone X-Rite colour calibrator built into the palm rest of the laptop. To calibrate, just close the 4K IPS panel, and it runs. No need to find a darkened room or plug in a USB adapter.
Lenovo has shoehorned most of the same features into the 15″ P50, including the Thunderbolt 3, shared cooling, colour calibrator, 64Gb of ECC DDR4/2133, and up to three storage devices. You also have to give up one Thunderbolt 3 port.

Price: tbc



GnarboxThe Gnarbox is a combination card reader and Wi-Fi hotspot for editing audio and video footage taken from your DSLR or GoPro Hero camera of your choice. After inserting your SD or microSD card (or connecting directly over USB), the Gnarbox renders the footage in a choice of three resolutions and makes it available for transfer which you can view an edit by connecting wirelessly and using a dedicated app. This takes away the need for a laptop in putting together and sharing your media to social networks, Dropbox or YouTube and Vimeo. It even handles 4K video and RAW images.

Coming soon thanks to a successful funding round on Kickstarter.

Price: tbc



LumosAnother product successfully surfing the crowdfunding wave, Lumos is a bicycle helmet lined with LED lights. The effect is that cyclists become more visible through lighting on the front and rear of the helmet and can even signal turns through a wireless remote on the handle bars.

Price: tbc

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