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Scriba digital stylus (Image: Scriba)

28 July 2015



An Irish start-up has developed a new digital stylus that is designed to allow anyone to capture the finesse and expression of the pencil, pen or brush.

Conceived and designed by David Craig, the Scriba stylus embeds a Nordic Nrf series microprocessor and Bluetooth Smart radio in a miniature module constructed by InsightSIP.

ScribaThe unique capability of the Scriba is to capture the pressure level of the user on the stylus grip, which according to Craig, broadens the range of capability of the digital stylus, enabling the modification of line weights or drawing tools without moving away from the drawing.

This is achieved through the capabilities of the Nordic’s unique ‘Soft Device’ libraries which provide a standard Bluetooth Smart application stack, leaving the developer to focus on domain specific applications.

The electronics rely on micro-miniature assembly processes to house the microprocessor, radio transceiver, antenna and all associated components within a sealed module measuring just 8 x 11mm, and 1mm thick, making for exceptionally good handling characteristics.

The microprocessor monitors a Hall Effect magnetic sensor mounted below a magnet that moves with the squeezing action of the device. The careful use of low power modes means that the device is always on and ‘woken’ with a simple squeeze motion.

According to the makers, Scriba has the longest battery life of any active stylus on the market and is able to provide 150 hours of continuous operation between recharges, with a 6 month standby mode. Recharging, though infrequent, is by industry standard Micro-USB.

Price: €65 (Currently on Kickstarter)

Samsung SE307

Samsung Electronics thinks it can help unclutter your home with a monitor that can wirelessly charge smartphones and other mobile devices.

Samsung SE370The SE370 comes in 23.6″ and 27″ models and is the first to have an integrated wireless charging station for devices using the Qi wireless charging standard supported by Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC and Huawei.

The charging area is on the stand for the monitor, and an LED lights up when in use. The monitor has a 1920×1080 resolution and is optimised for gaming, with richer black hues when it’s in game mode. The screen will not distort graphics with stutter and lag and has a response time of 4 milliseconds.

Compatible with Mac OS X and Windows 10, the SE370 also has an eye-saver mode that reduces blue light, which is believed to cause eye strain and sleep problems.

Pricing and availability to be confirmed at time of writing.

Price: tbc

Sony drones

Sony is getting into the drone business with winged machines that take off vertically and could be used in everything from agriculture to construction.

Sony droneThe electronics giant’s mobile arm will establish a company next month called Aerosense with Tokyo-based robotics firm ZMP.

The joint venture will develop its own drones and offer drone services to business users starting in 2016. The services will include measuring, surveying, observing and inspecting facilities.

Aerosense drones could be deployed in applications such as surveying remote mountain areas or gathering imagery before the construction of a high-rise building.

Imagery gathered by the drones will be processed by cloud-based servers. Few details about the winged drone concept illustration, attached to a ZMP press release, were available but more information is expected at an Aerosense event next month.

Price: tbc


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