TrueConf helps schools and universities to move classes online

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Video conferencing server made freely available to affected educational institutions



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20 March 2020 | 0

Video conferencing vendor TrueConf has responded to the growing need for a stable learning platform by giving educational institutions free access to its on-premises video conferencing system.

The Covid-19 outbreak has placed a significant strain on cloud services as remote learning and video conferencing become universities preferred tool for teaching.

To meet this demand, TrueConf’s video conferencing server has been made freely available for up to 1,000 online users of any affected educational institution.




The service enables users to deploy a secure self-hosted distance learning platform within 15 minutes. It offers a special video conferencing mode and collaboration tools for distance learning, including screen sharing and video conference recording.

Schools, colleges, and universities will be given free access until 30 June. After that, academic organisation can opt to continue using the service at a discount of 50%. 

“The spread of coronavirus is a serious health threat which requires urgent measures, and we are honored to serve the global community during this crisis,” said Dmitry Odintsov, CEO, TrueConf. “Today we are launching a global initiative to help schools, colleges and universities move their classes online. We believe that TrueConf video conferencing will help educators facilitate distance learning and ensure safety of students and their families.”

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