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Transforming for a digital world

Business strategy and digital strategy are converging
Joan Mulvihill, Siemens

28 November 2019

As the move to digitalisation grows at pace, it is estimated that 80% of current business process and practices will either be changed fundamentally or eliminated by 2025.

Technologies like Big Data analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented reality, and virtual reality, are giving us new capabilities to analyse, personalise, predict, correct in real time, automate, and reduce risk. This is turn offers businesses new opportunities to engage customers, empower employees, optimise operations, develop new products and services, and create new business models.

With these innovative technologies, Siemens is helping businesses, from manufacturing to utilities, to embrace and unleash the power of data. With our industry specific know-how, we are working with our customers to discover and co-create digital solutions to improve productivity, performance and competitiveness.




As we live and work in an increasingly digitalised world, business strategy and digital strategy are converging. Digitalisation is not a matter of growth, it is a matter of survival. It is not simply about making the analogue digital, it is the complex business of delivering work places and work processes that enhances both the employee and customer experience and delivers real value to both.

By focusing on the people, organisations will make true gains from their investment. There are endless technology solutions in search of problems, and it is all too easy to lose focus. Our approach to digitalisation starts and ends with value creation for the customer whether internal (employees) or external (market).

Not all Digitalisation is immediately business transformative. An effective digitalisation strategy will balance what is core, what is augmented and what is transformative. It will encompass value proposition, process improvement, technology investment and skills development.

The best way to undertake it is in partnership with an organisation with the skills and experience to take much of the risk out of the process and increase the prospects of success.

At Siemens, we work with customers to assist them on their digital transformation journey. We apply our creativity, technology expertise and domain experience to working with our customers helping them discover and create their future in this digital world. We work with businesses of all sizes developing tailored solutions for enhanced value for their customers and stakeholders.

While digitalisation itself provides businesses with the agility to respond to dynamic market changes, more importantly it enables our customers to shape their markets. Digitalisation is not just about futureproofing; it is about future-making. It is not about having all the answers now but rather about having the creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving mindset and skills to ask the right questions so that we can work it out together.

At Siemens, we have been working with customers in this process of discovery and co-creation. We work with our customers by focussing on those “Jobs to be Done”, those things that matter to you and make a difference to the customers that you serve. It is not about deploying more technology, installing the larger fleets or amassing the most data. It is simply the matter of capturing and unlocking the information you need to succeed.

When we say ‘discovery’ and co-creation’ we mean it. We want to sit beside you, in your business and really ‘co-create’. For us that means working together in a partnership of shared values and commitment to discovering what is the matter, prioritising what truly matters and finding creative solutions made possible by technology at the sweet spot of convergence between IT and OT. With our approach to Digitalisation we are bringing our creativity and experience into the offices and factory floors and working with customers to develop tailored solutions that will transform their businesses and in turn their relationships with their customers and other stakeholders.

Digitalisation is the great disruptor. It is causing major corporations to fundamentally reassess their business models and it is enabling SMEs to scale at unprecedented speeds and take on global giants while still in start-up mode. This is the new world and Siemens is there to help businesses succeed in it.

Joan Mulvihill is digitalisation lead for Siemens in Ireland

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