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1 April 2005

Hoki MailMonitor is an e-mail reporting system designed to help companies get into line with European and US Legislation on employers’ responsibilities over staff e-mail use.

MailMonitor tracks and analyses every e-mail, inbound and outbound, recording data on the size, sender, recipients, department, date, time and subject. Users can then view management summaries, cost analysis, reports and charts through an intuitive interface.

The tool is not classed as ‘spyware’: No content is recorded or stored. Instead it tracks and records usage and cost whilst meeting an employer’s responsibility to the staff.




Employers are responsible for meeting the requirements of the legislation: Implementing an acceptable usage policy and an obligation to keep records of what has been sent—not the content itself but the equivalent of a telephone record. This has the added benefit of allowing organisations to estimate the cost of e-mail use.

MailMonitor has been designed to be sensitive to the legal, financial and ethical requirements of employers. It provides information on the use of e-mail, enabling internal cost recovery and detailed analysis of usage patterns.

Version 1 is geared towards the installed base of Alt-N Technologies MDaemon mailserver ( used by small businesses. The second release is compatible with popular software packages, Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes.

The full product is available for download and full 30 day trial at

Hoki: +353 (0)86-830 7311


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