Top software researchers honoured at Lero Director’s Prizes

Software development and research activities lauded for capacity to impact people’s lives at a fundamental level
University College Dublin’s Prof Mike O’Neill

3 September 2021

Six researchers from Irish universities have been honoured at the annual Lero Director’s Awards, held online.

Speaking at the annual conference, Prof Brian Fitzgerald, Director of Lero, told members their software development and research activities were critical as their work has the capacity to impact people’s lives at a fundamental level.

“Software impacts every aspect of our lives and can enable us to solve problems at a global and local level by harnessing the vast amounts of information that we as a society have accrued,” he said.




Prof Fitzgerald said Lero’s work can help alleviate suffering and hardship, improve people’s lives and make the best of scarce resources.

“These are ground-breaking tasks we set ourselves. However, we have a duty to lead the way and ensure that software is developed ethically and that we work hard to make sure there are no unintended consequences that could detrimentally effect individuals or society,” he added.

The 2021 Lero Director’s Prize for Research Excellence was awarded jointly to the University of Limerick’s Prof Conor Ryan and JJ Collins, and the University College Dublin’s Prof Mike O’Neill for their research on grammatical evolution.

The Prof Rory O’Connor prize for outstanding service to Lero went to Susan Mitchell of University of Limerick.

The prize for education & public engagement went to Prof Derek O’Keeffe of NUI Galway, while the prize for diversity & inclusion went to Dr Cornelia Connolly of NUI Galway.

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