Hands on: Surface Arc Mouse

The three colour options (Image: Microsoft)

26 October 2017

Despite recent comments about Microsoft ditching devices, one thing it has always done well is supporting its key connected devices, such as its Surface line, with high quality accessories, from keyboard covers to mice and expanders such as the wireless HDMI adapter.

In 2014, the company introduced the Bluetooth Arc Touch mouse, whose basic outward design has been carried forward for the Surface Arc, with improvements all round.

The old Arc had a small touch strip that mimicked a scroll wheel and button in one. The new device has a smooth touch sensitive section that acts as buttons and wheels for full click and scroll input.

Taking two triple A batteries, as opposed to the Surface pen’s quad-A ones, the Surface Arc carries its party trick from its forebears in that it goes completely flat for storage and then curves as it turns on and becomes the comfortable to use eponymous arc.

This is a boon for travellers or road warriors as it means that it stores easily and needs no additional dongle as it uses Bluetooth 4.0/4.1 connectivity. With a battery life of up to six months, and a weight of just 82.5g, the Surface Arc is certainly no burden.

While the light grey option harks all the way back to the bad old days of no colour PCs, the burgundy and cobalt blue options are certainly worth a look.

Despite its articulated design, the Surface Arc feels sturdy and well built, and gives the impression of an accessory with the potential to outlast the device to which it is attached.

However, all of this comes at a price. The RRP for the Surface Arc mouse is €99, which is a bit steep, given that it does not have full gesture control. But for a sturdy, high quality mouse that is perfect for use on the move, the Surface Arc is a top contender.




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