Evolving Irish attitudes to ransomware

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19 June 2018

Ransomware has become a far more familiar term in recent years.

The WannaCry outbreak of mid 2017 that hit the UK health service so hard drove home for many who may not have heard of ransomware before the fact that this disruptive and damaging form of attack is real and effective.

But what is the reality of ransomware in Ireland?

In 2016, a TechBeat survey for TechPro magazine found that 19% of respondents said they had experienced a ransomware attack. By 2017, this metric remained the same, despite the WannaCry outbreak. However, early indicators from the 2018 survey suggest that this may have increased to almost a quarter (23%).

Those respondents who said they would not pay a ransom also appears to be falling. In 2016, nine out of 10 (91%) said they would never pay a ransom, which fell to eight out of 10 (81%). The early indications from the 2018 survey may see that proportion fall further, possibly below 70%.

To gauge the changing attitudes to cyberrisk and cybercrime, the TechBeat survey, in association with DataSolutions, needs your insights and attitudes to see how Irish organisation assess risk, handle cyber incidents and protect themselves in a rapidly evolving threat landscape.

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