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Threefold increase in UX design jobs

Emerging field attracting almost as many women as men
Colman Walsh, UX Design Institute; Dara Boland, Morgan McKinley

15 November 2019

An analysis of the Irish hiring landscape for UX designers by Morgan McKinley and the UX Design Institute has found a three-fold increase in demand for talent over the past five years.

“We’ve seen incredible growth in UX in the past five years with a threefold increase in the level of UX jobs we are being asked to service,” said Dara Boland, associate director at global recruitment company Morgan McKinley.

“This is largely due to many companies rapidly growing their UX design teams – in some cases by 20 to 30 people – and businesses with no previous design culture beginning to appreciate the need to have at least one to two talented UX designers on site to remain competitive.”




The same study found the average starting salary for UX designers now stands at €30,000 per annum, up from €25,000 three years ago. In comparison, figures from GradIreland showed graduate earnings of €26,468 for accountants; €30,527 for engineers; and €30,550 for bankers.

UX has shown to be an attractive and accessible profession for women. Morgan McKinley found that women accounted for 41% of UX professionals in Ireland – double that for females in other technology roles, where the figure is 20%.

According to the UX Design Institute ts current intake shows a slight majority in favour of women.

Colman Walsh, CEO of the UX Design Institute, said: “We see a far more balanced percentage of men and women pursuing careers in UX compared to other areas of technology.

“Feedback from our student base is that it focuses on the more human side of technology and offers an interesting blend of design and psychology which requires a lot of empathy for end-users. This tends to appeal to both sexes.”

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