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4 August 2015 | 0

Mobile network operator Three is now offering secure mobile gateway services that will enable business customers to secure, control and manage mobile data usage across employee devices.

The new services are the result of a partnership with Wandera, the provider of mobile threat prevention and data usage optimisation for enterprise, and CWSI, enterprise mobility specialists.

The new services are designed to meet the needs of organisations looking to take advantage of the productivity benefits of enterprise mobility, while ensuring that data and devices are secure.

Wandera said that its own research has shown that seven out of 10 devices on its networks were found to be transmitting sensitive data, such as usernames and passwords, in a manner that was susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks. It was also found that one in five devices were vulnerable to local access attack.

The new services from Three are based on three core services. Firstly, active, multi-level malware protection can detect zero-day threats and allows automatic policy based remediation, while identifying risk exposure from data leaks and anomalous user activity.

Secondly, real-time insights on mobile usage allow users to determine the most appropriate actions. Finally, costs are made transparent and predictable through intelligent policies, controls and data compression.

“We are making significant progress in bringing the latest technology to our customers in Ireland and we see Wandera as a leader in mobile data security with a unique solution,” said Eoin MacManus, business director, Three. “By partnering with Wandera, our customers across the country will have the tools to effectively manage and secure their company mobile data usage.”

“We’re very excited to be partnering with Three, to offer our services to its customers ensuring a productive and secure mobile Internet experience,” said Eldar Tuvey, CEO, Wandera. “With the explosion of employee mobile data usage and growing mobile security threats, this partnership with Three will become the foundation of efficient and transparent mobile strategies for some of the world’s top enterprises.”



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