The enterprise data centre needs support too, says HP’s Meehan

Ciarán Meehan, HP Ireland



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10 April 2015 | 0

There are support and managed services available in the Irish market today for almost any aspect of ICT, from servers, storage and networks to private and hybrid cloud and, of course across, the full range of enterprise applications. Even large organisations no longer have internal IT departments with expertise across all of the technology and resources on which it depends, so trusted service partners are an essential element of the real life mix.


But in many respects there has been one obvious gap — the corporate data centre itself, the most business-critical of all ICT investments. That is why HP Ireland, one of the largest ICT service providers in this market, has recently re-configured its services portfolio to reflect the changed and still evolving landscape in enterprise ICT. The top level now is Datacentre Care, which covers the entire ICT environment in the organisation.

HP has deep expertise and vast experience across most, if not all, of the components that make up the infrastructures in today’s data centres, including those that are virtualised or converged and state of the art. Equally important, our specialists have a clear understanding of what it takes to keep these business critical environments running at best performance. It is important that emerging technical or operational problems be identified and dealt with in a really proactive manner.

If problems do occur, and the complexity of modern technology in an organisation of any scale means that is inevitable at least occasionally, they must be quickly diagnosed and resolved. With a 21st century professional support service, that goes beyond the simplicity of the formal SLAs and demands ongoing analysis and constructive initiative.

The viability and success of almost any enterprise today depends on its ICT infrastructure and HP Datacentre Care can be configured to fit the critical support needs closely. Some of the key features of HP Datacentre Care include:

  • An assigned account team giving the client a single point of accountability
  • Rapid access to HP technical experts for incident resolution, including escalation up to Level 3 HP engineering if required
  • Smart remote hardware and software diagnosis and support
  • Enhanced call handling (equivalent to HP’s Mission Critical call process)
  • Pricing based on need and usage, not on the number of devices covered
  • Cover for multivendor platforms and software as well as HP servers, storage, networking devices, power or cooling equipment and software

HP has made significant investments in R&D for its support services, developing tools and technologies to enhance the experience. HP Datacentre Care leverages the proven Insight Remote Support technology, which monitors and logs hardware status and performance 24×7. HP Insight Online is another new HP Support Centre service that allows customers and support partners to remotely view system status and configurations and other service-relevant information.

In Ireland, HP Datacentre Care customers can also tap a wide range of Lifecycle Event Services offered by HP that can help customers needing extra support at any point, from initial strategic decision-making through design, planning and deployment and into ongoing IT operations.



Ciarán Meehan heads up HP Ireland enterprise technology services

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