The Art of Cyber Risk Oversight


16 May 2016

“The Art of Cyber Risk Oversight” is a new book by internationally respected information security practitioner and advisor, Paul C Dwyer.

CEO of Cyber Risk International, founder and chair of the International Cyber Threat Task Force, and advisor to law enforcement and government both here and abroad, Dwyer is an outspoken advocate for information sharing in information security.

Having highlighted through his investigative work how the blackhats work together to share information, Dwyer has campaigned to get organisations, IT pros, vendors and every other stakeholder to come together and share experiences to combat the rising tide of cyberthreats.

The book is described as a C-Suite guide to cyber risk, and draws on the work of ancient Chinese visionary Sun Tzu, and his timeless book “The Art of War”.

“My objective in writing this book is very clear,” said Dwyer, “I wish to inform a senior business audience on what the cyber risk landscape is comprised of today and what they can do to protect their organisations in developing a cyber risk oversight strategy. Aimed at a very busy audience, I have kept this work as concise and focussed as possible.”

The book is divided into two sections, the first dealing with challenges from a cyber risk landscape perspective, detailing threats and their origins, in simply language for the business leader.

The second section deals with the practicalities of mitigating risks, outlining 10 principles for cyber risk oversight

“Consider each principle like a strand of rope having its own strength but when twisted together are immensely strong. The answer to cyber risk lies with strategic leadership,” said Dwyer.

As Sun Tzu’s tenets have been used to guide business strategy for generations, Dwyer said he has aligned his 10 principles with the lessons in The Art of War to allow organisations to develop cyber risk oversight with “military precision”.

“I hope my 25 years of experience in dealing with cyber risk from a military, law enforcement and enterprise perspective will greatly assist you in dealing with the risk to your organisation from cyber related threats,” said Dwyer.

The Art of Cyber Risk Oversight is available from on Amazon in Kindle edition for £7.07 (€9.11) or in hard copy for £39.50 (€50.92).


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