Texas links sales systems to warehouse



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1 April 2005 | 0

Texas Department Stores, which currently operates two retail outlets in Ireland, is to deploy a new IT system from Alphameric which combines front of store electronic point of sale (EPOS) systems and merchandise, warehouse and financial management software.

It will enable the retailer to barcode products for the first time allowing them to be scanned, priced and distributed to stores with a fully traceable history. In addition, the stores will be able to monitor transactions down to the lowest level and minimise stock-outs. The system comes with advance account planning tools and a financial management package to help maximise sales.

Tom McNamara, Texas Department stores managing director says, that the new system will revolutionise the firm’s business. ‘Being fully integrated will be fantastic and will enable us to provide support right through the retail process and soon across all of our stores,’ said McNamara.





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