The technology trend driving software engineering expansion at Veritas Ireland

Alan Horgan, Veritas (Image: Veritas)

24 October 2017

At the beginning of October, we announced a major investment in our R&D function in Dublin that will be involved in developing our Multi-Cloud Data Management (MCDM) Platform. This technology will support our customers in managing their data and workloads, regardless of where they reside.

Our workforce in Ireland will more than double as we hire 250 more people across a range of software engineering roles and disciplines. The new R&D teams at our Dublin facility will focus on addressing customer data lifecycle needs in a cloud world. The team will develop new applications and services that help Veritas customers improve their data availability and unlock insights to make them more competitive.

It has been an exciting journey, since our separation last year when Veritas became an independent company, we initially had to build new teams to form Veritas Ireland. It was like a start-up—albeit a $3 billion one.  With the latest job announcement, this major investment in Ireland continues that journey. In a world where multi-cloud strategies are the norm, we have the team and the technology to support our customers as they navigate this new environment. 

As growing numbers of organisations move to a multi-cloud IT model, the law of unintended consequences is taking hold. As data volumes keep growing and with so many platforms where data can potentially reside, organisations have underestimated the complexity this involves.

IDC estimates that 90% of enterprise organisations plan to use multi-cloud architectures in the coming years. This usually involves hosting front-end applications on a public cloud, connected to on-premises backend systems, or else bursting capacity into off-premises cloud systems.

“The reality today is that organisations struggle to harness the power of their data when it is spread across on-premises, hybrid and complex multi-cloud environments”

The problem, is that most organisations aren’t making the necessary changes to their processes or their technology to make this strategy effective. The problem is only going to get bigger. IDC forecasts that the volume of digital information will grow by a factor of 10, from 4.4 trillion gigabytes to 44 trillion gigabytes by 2020.

Data is now an asset and a source of competitive advantage rather than something to be stored and forgotten. Yet the reality today is that organisations struggle to harness the power of their data when it is spread across on-premises, hybrid and complex multi-cloud environments. Visibility is often limited, data migration and compliance are challenging, protection is siloed, and costs are not optimised. We can also add regulatory pressure to the technology challenge. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force next May, so the need to control, protect, and have visibility into data has never been more imperative.

At Veritas, we empower businesses of all sizes to discover the truth in their information—their most important digital asset. Using the Veritas platform, customers can accelerate their digital transformation and solve pressing IT and business challenges including multi-cloud data management, data protection, storage optimisation, compliance readiness and workload portability—with no cloud vendor lock-in. Eighty-six percent of Fortune 500 companies rely on Veritas today to reveal data insights that drive competitive advantage.

An example of this is our 360 Data Management for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud solution that provides visibility of data through a global view of an organisation’s information environment. It protects data by ensuring backup and recovery for any workload, with self-service access to virtual copies. And with GDPR coming down the tracks, customers can prepare by identifying gaps, automating data retention and classification. Data and Workload Portability enables seamless migration and movement to and from the multi-cloud and avoids cloud vendor lock-in.


Alan Horgan is vice president of EMEA sales for Veritas


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