TechFire XII on the new style of outsourcing


21 October 2014

The latest in the TechFire series of seminars will discuss the issue of outsourcing, asking if a new style is emerging that facilitates innovation with a technology partner.

Reports of late have suggested that many organisations are looking for closer ties with outsource technology partners that facilitates the technology partner in making suggestions to the business that can improve processes, identify efficiencies and drive innovation.

This new style of outsourcing relies on closer physical ties, both geographically and temporally, meaning that outsourcing is coming closer to home.

In association with Comtrade, TechFire will examine this issue to see if it is right for Irish organisations.

The speakers begin with Dejan Ćušić, program manager, Comtrade, who will present the results of Comtrade’s recent survey, taken among IT professionals in Ireland, on the subject of the new style of technology partnership.

Marko Javornik, director, Services Europe, Comtrade, is an experienced professional in this area, with more than 20 years of experience in the IT Industry. Javornik’s focus is on solving complex business issues using technology solutions. He has led teams of several hundred engineers to accomplish the most difficult state-of-the-art projects in various industries. Javornik will talk about the technology processes, as well as the social aspects of software development.

The user experience interview is with Stephen Hannon, software development manager, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Hannon will talk about how HMH develops digital content and the ways in which it works with strategic partners to complement its internal development teams and provide expansion during periods of peak project throughputs. Through different methods of outsourcing, HMH has developed its production processes to cater for several different team structures and outsource models to suit the various different project types its development teams encounter.

The free event takes place tomorrow, 22 October 2014, from 07:30 in the Gibson Hotel, Dublin.

Join us to hear about how the world of technology outsourcing is changing and how your organisation can benefit.

To register see the web site below.

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