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Mariano Mamertino, LinkedIn

Data from LinkedIn highlights the emerging jobs in Ireland for 2020



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17 December 2019 | 0

Artificial intelligence and tech roles are among Ireland’s fastest-growing jobs, while big data has created demand data scientist and data analyst roles. This comes from the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn.

However, it found that the top emerging jobs are not limited to the tech space. Jobs that require soft skills and a human touch are on the up; content specialist and talent acquisition specialist roles are becoming more commonplace.

“It’s no surprise that artificial intelligence roles are exploding in popularity in Ireland,” said Mariano Mamertino, senior economist at LinkedIn. “As technology continues to advance at a pace, Artificial Intelligence Specialists will become even more crucial across multiple roles and sectors. Our recent report on AI Talent in the European Labour Market, showed that Ireland has the highest ratio of AI talent in the European Union. 




“But whilst tech roles dominate, the importance of the human touch persists. Across Europe, we are also seeing growth in customer-facing support industries such as Customer Success Specialist to support the more tech-orientated roles.”

LinkedIn’s top 15 emerging jobs in Ireland are:

  1. Artificial intelligence specialist
  2. Cyber security specialist
  3. Customer success specialist
  4. Data scientist
  5. Site reliability engineer
  6. Cloud engineer
  7. Content specialist
  8. Devops engineer
  9. Data engineer
  10. Technology analyst
  11. Full stack engineer
  12. Data analyst
  13. Operations associate
  14. Regulatory affairs specialist
  15. Talent acquisition specialist

This data is based on analysis of all LinkedIn members with a public profile that held a full-time position in Ireland during the past five-years. 

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