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1 April 2005 | 0

Low-cost entry-level x86 systems, now available from Sun, ship with pre-integrated software and applications such as Linux, the Solaris Operating Environment, Java 2EE technology and Sun’s Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) software stack.

The first device in the range is the 32bit LX50, which is intended for organisations looking to develop, deploy and manage applications on a single system.

It is the first non-appliance server from Sun to run Linux on chips from Intel. The majority of Sun’s servers use Sun’s own Solaris version of Unix, on proprietary UltraSPARC processors.




Sun claims that by supplying the LX50 with the tools already integrated, users have everything ready to deploy out of the box, with no downloads or installations necessary. The system can be put to a number of uses including Web serving, firewall/VPN, cache, file/print and streaming media.

The LX50 is based on the standard 2.4 Linux kernel and is pre-installed on the Sun LX50 as part of an optimised and integrated system with a focus on stability, security, ease of installation and set up, and remote manageability.

Linux, like the Solaris OE, includes optimised and tested drivers and easily integrates with Java technology and the Sun ONE platform.

The Sun LX50 comes preconfigured to run either Solaris or Linux with: Java 2 Standard Edition; Sun ONE ASP for Linux; TomCat (JSP); MySQL (Database); Apache (Webserver); WU-FTPD (FTP); Sendmail (e-mail Server); Bind (DNS Server); Sun Grid Engine; the Sun Streaming Server and the Sun Streaming Server Admin Utility.

The server is available for an all-in-one price that includes the hardware and software.

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