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Sony KD-65A1 4K TV with Acoustic Surface (Image: Sony)

22 June 2017

(Image: Sony)


Sony KD-65A1 4K TV with Acoustic Surface
A key issue with any big TV, no matter how flat, is that it tends to have a large footprint. When you take speakers into account, that can get even bigger.

The Sony KD-65A1 is a 1,651 mm (65”) OLED TV that has some quite unique features. Firstly, the TV stands with an A-frame behind the screen meaning that there is a minimal footprint for the simple awesome 4K OLED screen. Slightly curved, and stunning in its colour reproduction, the OLED technology produces vibrant images that draw in the viewer. But that visual feast is matched by Sony Acoustic Surface technology.

Actuators behind the screen send sound signals through the actual screen to produce a superior quality experience to match that luxuriant screen. Having gained experience from other Acoustic Surface devices, the KD-X5A series is a first for the technology in TVs.

RRP: €6,099


(Image: Sony)

Sony MDR-1000X C noise cancelling headphones
These top of the range cans not only offer a superb, immersive sound experience, they also have very clever touch controls and of course, noise cancelling technology.

Just cup a hand around the right hand can to pause the noise cancellation, and again to activate.

The usual high-quality audio you would expect from Sony is augmented with adaptive noise cancellation capability, courtesy of Sony’s Sense Engine technology, that allows a user to tailor the level of noise cancellation to taste or conditions.



(Image: Sony)






Sony RX100 camera
The highly critically acclaimed RX100 series compact cameras are a mirror-less design all in one that goes far beyond a point and shoot.

The latest version, the mark V, delivers a pro-sumer experience, with high quality optics and a very large optical sensor, in a small package ensuring high quality stills with a professional level of capability, as well as excellent video capture.

It features a 25.4mm (1”) Exmore CMOS sensor, 3.6x Carl Zeis zoom lens with a 28 -100mm range offering a wide aperture range for greater versatility.

The RX100 V packs an awful lot into a very neat package.



(Image: Sony)

Sony LSPX-P1 short throw projector
The LSPX-P1 is a short throw projector that delivers high definition images with rich colour on just about any surface you can think of.

Whether a wall, a coffee table or even a polished floor, it can throw a 2,032mm (80”) HD on a surface from just 558mm (22”) away.

Ideal for small apartments, or just for pure portability, it is versatile, easy to use and attractively packaged for either light business or leisure use.



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