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Storm of demand and expectation drives DC monitoring tech

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17 August 2016

In today’s data centres (DC), the infrastructure for power and cooling has more than three times the data points and notifications than was the case just 10 years ago, presenting challenges for management and orchestration as demand for data centre services increases dramatically.

This is one of the trends tracked by a recent white paper from Schneider Electric, entitled “Digital Remote Monitoring and How it Changes Data Center Operations and Maintenance”.

The paper describes how remote monitoring has gone from emails and batch updates to live, minute monitoring that enables tight integration with automated systems for data centre infrastructure management (DCIM).

Driven by the demands of cybersecurity, cloud computing, Big Data analytics, mobile computing, machine learning, the white paper tracks how the advent of sensors, meters, and data collection points in all manner of infrastructure equipment, from cooling units to PDUs, is also driving the increase in systems management.

The use of Big Data analytics and machine learning all help to increase efficiency and emergency response without human intervention, leading to quicker and more cost-effective operations, says author Victor Avelar.

Avelar is the director and senior research analyst at Schneider Electric’s Data Centre Science Centre, with responsibility for DC design and operations research, and consults with a broad client base on risk assessment and design practice.

The paper goes on to describe the how DC operations will evolve as a result of these various trends and influences, becoming more efficient, more easily scalable, and more responsive to changing demands.

The author describes the “Network Effect”, which causes activity to increase in value as more usage increases, and how it will become apparent as new insights and methods are derived from the data. DC operators should review the digital remote monitoring requirements discussed in the paper, the author advises, as they begin to assess the evolution of their own facilities.

The paper is a free download from Schneider Electric.


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