Staying operational during an outbreak

SonicWall discusses protection of remote and work-from-home employees
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23 March 2020

In association with SonicWall

As the coronavirus outbreak spreads, organisations are protecting their workforce while allowing employees to work remotely. This precaution, however, is leading to unforeseen risks and operational challenges for business.

SonicWall security experts will explore the challenges that need to be addressed to stay safe – and operational – during the coronavirus outbreak at a live webcast on 25 March at 10am.




The session will cover actionable best practices to:

  • Expand your remote workforce securely
  • Defend against fear-based cyberattacks
  • Establish a true remote office for employees
  • Gain additional operational benefits
  • Learn how to apply learnings to critical business continuity and disaster recovery plans

To help organisations cost-effectively implement virtual private network (VPN) technology for their rapidly expanding work-from-home employees, SonicWall is making its remote access products and services available to both new and existing customers via deeply discounted rates.

The company is also bundling critical security solutions for new enterprise and SMB customers. To explore the new offers, please visit the special SonicWall promotions page. From there you can review SMA offer details or chat with a SonicWall security expert who can answer questions on how best to quickly scale your remote workforce.

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