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31 July 2014 | 0

Smaller businesses are increasingly attractive targets for hackers and cybercriminals, and as the economy picks up, are in ever greater need of sophisticated security measures, without sophisticated management needs.

This is a central point made by Tsailing Merrem, senior product marketing manager, with security company Sophos. Merrem cites sources such as the annual Verizon Data Breach Report, which show that smaller businesses are now appearing as the greatest proportion of victims in documented cases of cybercrime. When this is combined with a perception of smaller businesses as less secure than enterprise organisations, the prospect of secure growth in a rising economy seems more difficult.

Merrem argues that smaller businesses do not, nor should be expected to, procure and retain the level of security expertise necessary to meet the full spectrum of current and emerging threats. However, no less than their corporate giant counterparts, smaller businesses still need sophisticated protection.

Managed security services, delivered from the cloud, provide the levels of protection necessary, without the need for deep knowledge of either security or management, argues Merrem. There is also the benefit of constant updating and zero touch deployment in many cases.

Merrem advises smaller businesses to focus on a few key areas when selecting and implementing such security measures.

The focus needs to be firmly on the user, argues Merrem, with any implementation easily facilitating the creation of workable user policies that not only enable the user but provide the appropriate levels of protection.

Any solution in this area should include mobile devices, of all sorts, to ensure that all styles of work and worker can be accommodated, with figures quoted to show that on average, workers use three devices for work.

Merrem also advocates data protection, wherever it lies. Whether on a server, a desktop, a tablet or smart phone, data needs to be protected both in terms of who can access it, and also from where.

These steps combined with a cloud delivered managed security service will allow smaller businesses to be protected while allowing for growth unhindered.

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