SolarShare virtual power plant envisions shared resources for homeowners

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Savings to be found in bills, carbon emmissions



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22 April 2020 | 0

Start-up SolarShare has laid out a vision for the future of Irish domestic energy market based on how to get homes generating and sharing their own solar energy.

The Irish company’s virtual power plant (VPP) technology allows homeowners to generate their own electricity and pool batery power, potentially reducing the level of investment required to maintain and upgrade the Irish electricity network.

The average Irish home is likely to consume in excess of 5MWh a year powering home appliances, heating and, soon, electric vehicles. With a 4kWh solar system and a 5kWh battery, a homeowner can produce up to 70% of their annual needs and reduces carbon emissions by about 1.2 tons per annum, or around 10%, representing a saving in the region of €900 per year.




Installing a 4kWh domestic solar system is an investment of some €9,000 after the current SEAI grant. Homeowners start generating their own electricity immediately, saving on the amount normally paid to their electricity provider, estimated at €640 per year.

SolarShare estimated pooling excess power could be worth €180 per year for connected households. Carbon tax, forecast to increase from €20 per ton to €80 per ton by 2030, could also be avoided.

Richard O’Rourke, founder of SolarShare, said: “In the post Covid-19 era, it’s clear people will be spending a lot more time at home, so the economics of installing solar are even more attractive than ever before. And as Irish society moves into the recovery phase, it’s critical we invest now to mitigate climate risks. This is a real opportunity for Ireland to demonstrate how to come out of the current crisis stronger and more resilient.”

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