Software Skillnet launches tech skills initiative TechLearn

TechLearn responds to need for ‘all of the time learning’
Sean Farrington, Pluralsight; Una Fitzpatrick, Technology Ireland; Alexia Pedersen, O’Reilly Learning; Paul Healy, Skillnet Ireland

17 February 2020

Technology Ireland Software Skillnet has launched an online skills solution for the technology sector, TechLearn. According to the organisation, the programme helps companies accelerate the development of digital and tech skills. 

TechLearn’s partnership with learning platforms, Pluralsight and O’Reilly Learning, can support staff in gaining new skills on the job, it claims. 

The Pluralsight and O’Reilly Learning online digital libraries spans high-demand subjects such as big data, cyber security, artificial intelligence, and software development. These digital resources can help staff to keep up with the fast pace of tech. 




Maire Hunt, network director of Software Skillnet, said the content is regularly updated. Pluralsight and O’Reilly “are constantly introducing new content, tools, and features at an impressive speed.”

“You go to war with the army you have,” said Alexia Pedersen, UK country Mmanager, O’Reilly Learning, at the TechLearn launch. When a company’s employees have the right skills, it does not need to look elsewhere to fill gaps, she added. 

Designed to fill those skills gaps, O’Reilly Learning caters to beginner, intermediate and advanced technology staff. Those at the beginning of their careers benefit from structured learning. More proficient employees prefer non-linear learning, where they learn in the flow of work, Pedersen said.

With 2.5 million users, O’Reilly Learning caters for all learning styles. “People learn in different ways,” said Pedersen. “We offer books, videos, live courses and sandboxes where you can practice your skills in a real code environment.”

Speaking at the launch, Sean Farrington, senior VP EMEIA, of Pluralsight, the Technology Skills Platform, said technology teams are only as successful as their skills. The skills gap grows wider as acceleration increases. Many firms are struggling to stay on top of trends. 

“The first way to overcome the digital skills gap is to give leaders clarity of the challenges they face,” said Farrington. Pluralsight’s assessment engine, Skill IQ, identifies the skill-level of an individual and recommend the fastest path to advancement. Skill IQ “provides a comprehensive index of your organisation’s current skill level, where your opportunities lie, and the fastest path to resolving gaps.”

Software Skillnet’s grant scheme enables companies to save 50% on the price of the service. After the grant, Pluralsight Enterprise costs €390 per person, per year, while O’Reilly has an annual cost of €170 per person. Each has a minimum of ten users. For interested parties, a demo is available on request. 

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