A software defined path to the right cloud


10 November 2014

Software defined networking has led not only to more choice but more complexity in enterprise architectures, with manageability also becoming an issue.

TechFire 13 will look specifically at how developments in network technologies have allowed organisations to build their own path to the right cloud, ensuring they get the most from virtualisation investments, private cloud implementation and the best public cloud has to offer.

Darragh Richardson of Agile Networks will discuss the alternative models competing for cloud access – do it yourself, open source, and commercial. He will outline alternative paths firms can take to building a cloud-ready network and why vendor lock in can be a serious threat.

Nigel Oakley of Juniper Networks will outline Juniper’s approach to building a cloud-ready network architecture. From day-to-day experience with firms throughout Europe, he will outline an approach that maintains choice but is evolutionary rather than disruptive.

John Stone, CTO, Continent 8 Technologies will share his experience of the challenges in actually building and delivering infrastructure to clients around Europe. With a business model build around  delivering services to the online gaming sector, Stone will outline how this sector is leading the way and what lessons can be learned by the broader business community.

To register for this free event see techfire.ie

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