Soft touch for employee logging


1 April 2005

Softworks has released its first biometric fingerprint scanner, an access control system intended to replace employee punch cards and passwords.

The biometric terminal prevents the loss of work hours in a company by ensuring that the employee must be physically present in order to capture in and out times. The reader eliminates the expense of replacing lost or forgotten employee swipe badges and can remove the opportunity for ‘buddy punching’, where people clock in or out of an office on behalf of friends.

According to Softworks, employee privacy rights are not infringed, as information is not collected and stored in a database that could be accessed or altered later. The fingerprint scanner does not actually capture the fingerprint itself as an image, instead it measures points on the fingertip and converts these into mathematical points. As there is no image captured, the database consists of a set of numbers which are meaningless by themselves.




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