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1 April 2005

Enterprise class VPN firewall appliances from SnapGear are aimed at the security and remote access needs of small to medium enterprises (SME) users.

The SME530 and SME550 systems offer content filtering, scalable remote management, and further enhancements covered by SnapGear’s policy of free lifetime firmware upgrades.

The new products are based on Hitachi’s SuperH microprocessor range and give the products capabilities to address SME Internet access and security requirements with extensive firewalling, anti-intrusion, and VPN extensions (including impending VPN LAN bridging technology).




SnapGear SME530 and SME550 The SnapGear SME5xx family, powered by the Hitachi SuperH SH4 processor, allows SME companies to enjoy robust, edge-network protection and privacy of communications. The SME5xx family has security and VPN features such as narrowband and broadband access, Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and a URL content-filtering option. Other features include stateful firewall, VPN (with PPTP, IPSec, and dynamic VPN endpoints), in addition to LAN throughputs up to 50Mbit/s and VPN throughputs up to 10Mbit/s.

The SME530 is intended for enterprise use with VPN throughput of up to 3Mbit/s, making it suitable as a concentrator for remote access workers as well as providing private networking between offices.

The SME530 has two 10/100 Ethernet ports, RS-232 port with full modem handshaking, 4Mbyte Flash and 16Mbyte RAM. Each unit can handle hundreds of network users with free lifetime firmware upgrades. LAN throughput 25Mbit/s, suitable for broadband VPN using IPSec 3DES at speeds up to 3Mbit/s.

The SME550 also has two 10/100 Ethernet ports, RS-232 port with full modem handshaking, 8Mbyte Flash, 16Mbyte RAM and a network security accelerator.

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