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1 April 2005

The Nokia 7610 is Nokia’s first 1Megapixel camera phone. While under its hood there may be some leading edge imaging technology, it’s no slouch either when it comes to leading edge exterior design either. The phone retains Nokia’s classic candy bar design but is a bit more stylish with a webbed keyboard.

I have to say that I prefer this functional design to the overly stylised clamshell models from some of the Asian mobile phone manufacturers such as Sharp and Samsung. On the flip side, it’s easier to get the battery out of a Sharp phone — the Nokia 7610 sports a clip-on lid that can be difficult to open.

As already mentioned, the Nokia 7610 boasts a 1megapixel camera with 1152 by 864 pixels. It has a 65,000 colour screen and offers a 4x digital zoom. It also has an MP3 music player and smart phone features that allow users to manage and edit digital photos.

I also used it to create a number of short movies and unlike some other mobile phones that offer 10 seconds of video capture, the 7610 will record up to 10 minutes of footage. With the Movie Director application on-board, you can also add special effects and audio to your movie creations. You can then play your movies back using the bundled mobile RealPlayer application, or using the USB connector cable, you can upload the footage to your PC for playback on a desktop media player or e-mail as an attachment to a friend.

Other cool — but wholly unnecessary — features include voice tags for voice dialling and accessing applications, and an Opera mobile web browser for surfing the Internet. The themes on the phone are few and uninspiring, but I suppose the point is that Nokia and its partner operators want you to pay fees for content by downloading ringtones, wallpapers and screensavers over GPRS from services such as Vodafone Live! or O2 Active.

The USB cable comes in handy for another reason — Nokia PC Suite allows you to transfer video and music files, ringtones and java games to the phone from the PC. Also, you can use the phone’s wireless Bluetooth functionality to print your photos on HP
compatible printers.

One gripe I had was that images, videos and other applications for the Nokia 7610 are stored on a MultiMedia card format rather than the more popular SD format. I use SD cards in digital cameras and other devices, and would appreciate the ability to use them to
put content on to the phone. 

1Megapxel camera and 65,000 colour screen
Bluetooth printing
GPRS data-compatible    
Nokia PC Suite 6.1 for synchronisation with a Windows PC

Nokia phone dealers nationwide

Live! Verdict 3 stars
A nice phone with a cool industrial design. Being able to capture 10 minutes of video is great but it does eat into the battery life and that’s the phone’s biggest letdown, one full charge only delivered just over a day of continuous and mixed usage which was very





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