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1 April 2005 | 0

First in Dell’s modular server line, the PowerEdge 1655MC is an enclosure with six, dual-processor server blades, SCSI hard drives with integrated hardware RAID, hot-plug redundant power supplies and cooling fans, an integrated management card and redundant Ethernet switches.

The PowerEdge 1655MC can hold as many as 12 Pentium III processors with simplified server deployment and management software. The blade unit takes up just 13.3cm (3U) and is suitable for large server farms, server consolidation projects, thin-client computing and high-performance compute clusters.

Dell claims that the new architecture lowers hardware costs by almost 30 per cent because components such as power supplies, cooling fans, management cards and network switches, are shared across the six server blades in the enclosure.




In addition, the PowerEdge 1655MC includes hardware and software features to help ease administrative and management tasks for customers. New Dell OpenManage Remote Install software is included and each enclosure also comes with an integrated Embedded Remote Access Module that monitors chassis and server blade status, providing remote power control and out-of-band management capabilities. Software can be installed locally through a bootable USB connection or remotely with Dell’s OpenManage Remote Install software.

Dell: 1850 333 200 (Ireland only)


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