Servaplex to offer latest NetSupport cloud learning solution to schools

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1 September 2020 | 0

Servaplex has begun offering NetSupport’s new cloud-based classroom management and teaching platform enables teachers and learners to move between in-class and remote schooling – ensuring continuity in any learning environment.

To support schools with the ongoing challenge of providing remote and blended learning, NetSupport has launched its new, easy-to-use, cloud-based teaching and classroom management platform,

Whether in a school classroom, at home, or a hybrid of both, enables teachers to lead learning in any location with ease, and most importantly, deliver a sense of continuity. This not only helps to minimise disruption for students but also supports teachers’ wellbeing by removing the extra stress in having to switch platforms.




Using a simple dashboard, teachers can select the class they wish to teach and are automatically connected to the relevant student devices. Within minutes, teachers can run ‘live’ lessons that are engaging, interactive and will keep students immersed and on target for success. Combined with its classroom management tools, such as screen monitoring and website and application metering, teachers can also manage student behaviour online and ensure they are safe and on task.

Ger Cullen, director at Servaplex, said: “With the help of teachers NetSupport have built the platform specifically to help deliver quality learning experiences for both students and teachers no matter where they. Easy to set up, configure, manage and use, integrates directly with a school’s existing infrastructure, with the ability to simply manage teacher and student devices centrally.”

Features of include the ability to interact with students over chat, messages and help requests; monitor screens, web and app use; and create lists of ‘allowed’ and ‘restricted’ websites. and applications

“As schools return, maintaining continuity and consistency is so important – for both learners and teachers during these unsettled times. Having one platform that can seamlessly switch between in-class and remote learning provides that continuity and helps minimise disruption,” said Cullen.

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