September marred by spam email explosion


23 October 2006

Email monitoring firm Postini reported that 80 per cent of all the email it tracked was spam and that it blocked 22 million viruses in a single month.

“At any given moment in September, Postini was tracking 50,000 computers that were exhibiting signs of malicious behaviour,” said Scott Petry, founder, chief technical officer and executive vice president of product development at Postini.

The firm said hundreds of thousands of separate web-connected computers showed malicious behaviour, and that on average, each attacked in two-hour bursts before becoming dormant again.

The global nature of the nuisance was revealed with cities as far apart as Seoul, South Korea and Herndon, Virginia in the US reporting high levels of malicious activity.

Postini’s September top five viruses were:
1. netsky 4,078,646
2. mytob 2,880,131
3. bagle variants 2,541,480
4. mime 2,427,418
5. mydoom 1,495,505

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