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12 July 2016 | 0

Uninterruptable power supplies (PSU) play a vital part in keeping IT going, but that becomes an especially difficult task in rugged and harsh environments. While that immediately conjures images of remote sites and severe landscapes, it might just as easily apply to heavy vibration, noise or dusty environments.

The Gutor PXC from Schneider Electric is a standardised, fully industrial uninterruptible power supply for just such applications. Aimed at rugged and outdoor settings, such as oil and gas exploration, production sites, marine and offshore environments and climates with extreme temperatures, the Gutor PXC protects critical equipment and industrial applications from damage due to power outages, surges, and spikes while providing short-term battery power during an outage. According to Schneider, the solution’s standardised and flexible design allows users, including facility managers, engineers and contractors, the ability to deploy a reliable, turnkey solution in a dramatically shorter time frame and at a lower cost.

Whereas in the past, users with these requirements had to design a fully customised solution to suit their infrastructure needs, which often meant more time spent on development and higher costs, this new solution provides users with the ability to more efficiently and cost-effectively implement industrial UPS, which says Schneider, is helping to bridge the product gap between IT commercial UPS and fully customised UPS for harsh environments. The Gutor PXC offers a standardised and flexible design, in a wide range of configurations to suit a variety of rugged operating environments, and as a result, users benefit from a significantly reduced engineering-to- order lead time (from 18-20 weeks to 6-8 weeks) and lower cost expenditure.

“In today’s industrial infrastructure environment there exists a whole range of mission critical systems that need secure and reliable power protection against the electrical effects of harsh elements, for example, oil rigs where emergency shutdown or sprinkler systems are required during an unexpected disaster,” said Arun Shenoy, vice president, Schneider Electric UK. “The Gutor PXC provides the utmost reliability, safety and efficiency to protect critical equipment in remote and rugged conditions, where downtime is not acceptable and where other UPS systems fail to deliver.”

The Gutor PXC has an operating temperature up to 55°C/131°F, with integrated seismic compliance in all-steel enclosures to meet vibrations up to 1G. It can withstand ambient dust compliant with IP42, due to embedded filter reinforcement. It also benefits from a small foot print of 600mm width for 10 to 80kVA without transformers.

The new UPS is now available.


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