Schneider Electric’s APC NetShelter SX uses colour to reduce errors

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18 May 2016 | 0

According to studies, human error continues to be a significant factor in IT outages after power loss and equipment failures. Much of this is caused by equipment adds or changes in racks, as well as devices under maintenance being installed incorrectly. Improving the contrast between the lighter cabinet and IT equipment will help service engineers and IT personnel to be able to carry out tasks more effectively and reliably, says Schneider Electric.

To that end, the company has introduced the APC NetShelter SX “Grey Racks” range. A light grey in colour, the powder coated finish is not only durable, but as it is extended throughout all surfaces of the enclosures, inside and out, it provides a greater visual contrast between the cabinet and the equipment it contains.

“Contrast Ratio Testing performed under strictly controlled lighting conditions in our laboratories has shown up to a four times improvement when using our new Grey Racks,” said Brian Mitchell, Product Manager, Rack Systems at Schneider Electric. “This is of great benefit to a person’s ability to see and co-ordinate movement in low-light areas such as those found in network closets, communications and server rooms, and data centres.”

The new Grey Racks range features the advantages of the APC NetShelter SX cabinets, which makes them ideal, says Schneider, for requirements from high density computing and networking, to broadcast and audio visual applications. The maker says the new cabinets have been readily adopted by those operating financial, enterprise and colocation data centres, where their all-white finish creates a strong high-tech visual appeal.

The Grey Racks can be used in standalone configuration, or together with advanced cooling, power distribution and cable management for use in IT environments. Schneider Electric said it has also introduced the Vertical Exhaust Duct in a matching finish to provide a completely integrated passive solution for increased cooling performance with higher density equipment loads.

Other cabinet features for improved convenience to installation and maintenance engineers include a Vertical zero-U accessory channel for direct fastening of cable bundles, tool-less mounting of cable management accessories or zero-U rack power distribution options. Cabinet mounting rails are easily adjustable for simple alignment, and side panels and front/rear doors are removable for safe and easy handling. The cabinets have a static load capacity of 1,364kg (3000lbs).

The APC NetShelter SX Grey Cabinets are available in 600mm, 750mm, and 800mm widths, and 1070mm or 1200mm depths from Schneider Electric’s official resellers throughout Ireland.



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