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14 November 2016 | 0

In an effort to centralise and simplify physical security management for the likes of data centres, Schneider Electric has introduced NetBotz 250, a low-cost, scalable rack access control and environmental monitoring appliance that actively monitors critical IT assets in real-time.

The system can protect against physical threats, environmental risks or human error that can disrupt IT operations and reduce reliability. The NetBotz 250 can be used for IT deployments of varying applications, including environment monitoring only, rack access only or a combination of both.

The system’s feature set and modernised user experience offer native support for NetBotz connected wireless temperature and humidity sensors for rapid

and flexible deployment, said Schneider, while supporting additional wired sensors such as spot fluid, vibration and smoke detection. These capabilities, the maker asserts, enable immediate detection of common environmental hazards, preventing outages and allowing for rapid response action to minimise downtime.

NetBotz 250 is compatible with APC racks and StruxureWare Data Center Expert, seamlessly integrating into existing install bases for easy and efficient deployment, configuration and management to start protecting IT equipment within minutes.

Rack access control functionality is available in two handle kits, at 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz reader frequencies, and restricts rack access to only credentialed users. Configured alerts and outputs such as beacon alarms can be set up to notify IT staff in the event of a breach.

NetBotz integration with StruxureWare Data Center Expert enables efficiency and connectivity at every level of the data centre, according to Schneider. It provides centralised monitoring and management of the physical infrastructure and connected, networked devices to reduce energy consumption, protect system uptime, and improve planning and operational performance.

“Safety, reliability and availability are the imperatives of critical infrastructure environments. Data centres are a strategic asset to organisations and uptime is paramount for ensuring business continuity. As such, we are continuing to see a shift away from reactive toward proactive monitoring to anticipate and stop threats before they happen,” said Arun Shenoy, vice president IT Business, Schneider Electric, UK and Ireland.

“NetBotz 250 addresses our customers’ needs for a more scalable, affordable, simple and efficient way to proactively keep threats at bay, enabling better, and more comprehensive protection of data centre systems to avoid the cost of downtime and deliver peace of mind.”


NetBotz 250 is available now.


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